#NoDrugsToBeCool: to educate the net generation to the aware web use, against the finding of damaging psychoactive drugs

The project, with the partnership of Zaffiria Center, financed by the Youth Department and the National Civil Service, has the aim to sensitize the minors in Sicily and Emilia Romagna to support a responsible web use and to prevent their access to damaging websites in which they can find dangerous psychoactive drugs for their health. In particular the project’s activities will:

  • train teachers, community operators and families providing some information and useful knowledge to inform and sensitize minors about the risks caused by an exaggerated web and psychoactive drugs use
  • educate minors to use the net and to compare themselves with the digital world in a responsible way, by activating teenagers’ positive resources and discussing  behaviors models to reduce the risks about psychoactive drugs use through workshops and campaigns of interactive awareness;
  • make educational, original and replicable models and instruments to support positive behaviors which are useful to interact and compare themselves in a safe and responsible way with the digital world and to prevent the risks about psychoactive drugs use.



The project will be activated in several schools and communities both in Sicily and in Emilia Romagna and it will involve teachers and educators.