FOCO is an exam center accredited by the University for Foreigners of Siena, for the attainment of the Language Certification for Foreigners (CILS); and if you want we can also prepare you for the exams to obtain the certification!


What is CILS


The CILS, Certification of Italian as a Foreign Language, issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena, is the official title that declares the degree of linguistic-communicative competence in Italian as a foreign language,


It is issued by the University after an examination consisting of tests on communicative abilities.


It is divided into levels that correspond to progressively greater degrees of competence and different social contexts of language use. There are six levels: level A1, level A2, level ONE-B1, level TWO-B2, level THREE-C1, level FOUR-C2. Each CILS level is autonomous and complete.


Each CILS exam consists of five parts, with tests on the basic skills: listening, reading, written production, oral production, analysis of communication structures. It is not necessary to have passed a lower level CILS exam in order to take the tests at one level.


Who needs CILS certification


The CILS certification is useful for foreign citizens or Italian citizens living abroad (descendants of Italian emigrants, Italians with dual citizenship, etc.) to measure their competence in Italian. The CILS certification tests are not linked to particular methods or types of language courses: each candidate can prepare for the CILS certification exams in the way he or she considers most appropriate and most suitable for achieving the expected linguistic-communicative competence. In order to take the CILS exams it is not necessary to have specific qualifications, but only a knowledge of the Italian language corresponding to the parameters indicated for each CILS level.


What is the CILS certification for? The CILS certification can be used for entry into the world of work and study, for enrolment in Italian universities, for teaching Italian, and for any other area of use in which a specific level of competence in the Italian language is formally certified. Many Italian companies that operate abroad or want to hire foreign staff, or foreign companies that have business relations with Italy require the possession of the CILS certificate according to the work functions that the employees will have to perform.

According to law 1 December 2018, n. 132 links the obtaining of Italian citizenship to the possession of the B1 level in the Italian language, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (2001).

Following Ministerial Decree 04/06/2010, the A2 level certificate is one of the fundamental requirements for obtaining a long-term residence permit. The minimum level required to enroll at an Italian university is CILS level DUE-B2: non-EU students who possess this level are exempt from the Italian language test at the university of arrival.


FO.CO. is an exam center accredited by the University for Foreigners of Siena for the attainment of the Language Certification for Foreigners (CILS)


During the preparation lessons, tools and strategies for approaching the various tests and practice materials will be provided.


Upcoming exame dates 2024:

February, 15 - deadline for the enrollment January, 15

April, 11 - deadline for the enrollment March, 11

June, 5 - deadline for the enrollment April, 26

July, 18 - deadline for the enrollment June, 18

October, 17 - deadline for the enrollment September, 17

December, 5 - deadline for the enrollment October, 26


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