50 employees/ collaborators: 



  • 7 resources in administration, administrative office, communication, social planning
  • 3 resources to analyze the educational requirements
  • 12 project's representatives
  • 42 workers employed in the projects  


Statutories Organizations


FO.CO. Is a social Onlus cooperative, A model. 

The social cooperatives are companies which have the aim to pursue the communities’ general interests, to the human promotion and to the citizens’ social integration  (art.1 Law 381/91). This aim is pursued through to the social, healthcare and educational services’ management (A model). 

The acronym of “Organization Non-Lucrative to the Social Utility” is a word which indicates the non-profit organizations i.e. “non-profit”. It means that the possible gain can not be divided between the partners, but it has to be reinvested to the activity. 

Management Board


Il CDA della Fo.Co. Onlus è composto da:




President: Salvatore Brullo has a multi-year experience about the administrative and the reporting management. 

Vice president: Donata Stracquadaini, multi-year experience professional in legal sector.

Council member: Lucia Pastorello graduated in Comparative Studies, she has a multi-year experience on the intercultural mediation, on the educational requirements’ analysis and on the education’s management.