For young people between 18 and 29 years old (not completed) there is the chance to live for a year an experience of voluntary work, solidarity and active citizenship: 

This is the Universal Civil Service! 

Civil Service

Civil Service is the chance for young people between 18 and 29 years old (and 364 days) to dedicate a year of own life in a solidarity activity known as an activity to everyone welfare and so as a social cohesion. It has been established by the law number 64 on 6th March 2001 and it is considered as a non-violent form of Country defense through the realization of the constitutional principles based on social solidarity. The volunteers receive the insurance cover and the initial training by the institution of the Civil Service. Civil service provides for a monthly salary of 433,80€.


How can you participate? 

On 20th August the competition announcement for the selection of 35.363 volunteers to employ in Civil Service projects in Italy or abroad, has been published by the Youth Department. The expiration day is on 28th of September. You can find Sicily competition announcement, in which the project “Ahlan Wa Sahlan- You are welcome” is included, in the following website or in the website dedicated to the 2018 competition announcement

At first, we ask you to read it carefully.

The competition announcement is opened until 28th September, period in which people can send the nominations; there is the chance to send the application for a singular Civil Service project (independently if it is in Italy or abroad). Then the Civil Service institution in which we sent the application, will select and make a classification of suitable selected and suitable not selected for lack of places and excluded. Make more than one application cause the exclusion to all projects independently the circumstance.

To submit the application

The applications can be submitted in these ways: 

  • The interested person can send a certificated e-mail (PEC) to, with the object “nomination SCN” and he has to add the request documentation in pdf format.
  • Through a “registered mail” to the address Fo.Co. Soc. Coop. Sociale ONLUS, in Via Marconi 32/A- 97012 Chiaramonte Gulfi  (RG)
  • Delivered by hand in the Fo.Co.’s central office in Via Marconi 32/A- 97012 Chiaramonte Gulfi (RG)
  • The expiration day for the application’s submission, via Pec or registered mail, is on 28th September 2018 and only the date of submission is worth; the applications sent via registered mail or PEC are valid until 23:59 on 28/09/2018. The word “send” indicates the validity of the Post Office’s stamp that refers to the data transmission of the PEC and not to the receiving date by the institution. 

 If you deliver the application by hand the expiration date is until 18:00 o’clock on 28th September 2018.



Considering the criterias established by the National Office for the Civil Service and the appeal to the first class Institution ASSOD, considers added values that contribute to the participation at the Civil Service for young people with fewer opportunities, in particular for young people with low literacy and social disadvantage, and so they are people with certificated disabilities according the law 104/92; these people will receive an additional score of 5. 

More information if you click here. 


The convocation for the selections will be published 15 days before on the website in Civil Service section. The calendar’s publication represents, according the law, the notification for the convocation (for this reason you will not receive an e-mail). The candidate who  submitted the application, is not present to the interview in the established days without a motivation, will be excluded from the selection because he does not complete the specific process.  



After the selection there will be a classification in which there are the scores gained in the selection and thanks to the curriculum vitae of each candidate. In the classification will be defined the unfit, the suitable not selected and the suitable selected that are the candidates with more scores who will hold one of the tasks in the announcement. The not selected suitable who gained a positive evaluation can replace in the project if the other candidates will renounce.