The cooperative was founded in 2012 with the aim to promote therespect for fundamental freedoms, human rights, politics and economic independence, fair and sustainable development and peopleand individuals’ self-determination; it conforms to UN Charter principles, this means itis planning to realize initiatives of development cooperation, humanitarian aid, education, training and information. It is also inspired by Social Doctrine principles of Catholic Churchand it adhers to the spirit enunciated by Economy of Communion principle, with the aim to spread universal brotherhood through the pursuit of social rights, subsidiarity and solidarity.


The cooperative provides the following services:


  • Educational services, Italian literacy and cultural/linguistic mediation, social and legal assistance to a community for minors and SPRAR territorial projects
  • Social planning, research of regional, national and European funding call, writing projects, research and creation of partnership network, management and administrative reporting activities of projects;
  • drawing up training programs and their management.